November 4, 2009

As many independent pet nutrition stores’ inspiration, Bonnie, a Pomeranian provided the motivation for the opening of our August Store of the Month:

Bonnie’s Barkery
30845 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ
480.502.7973 or toll-free at 866.316.7973

Sarah Dixon, the owner of this delightful and clean store, had a mission to stock healthier foods for her dogs as well all the fur friends in her area. She has sought out to educate pet owners about the risks of cancer, kidney & liver disease if nutrition is not addressed in the overall healthcare of the dogs and cats who visit Bonnie’s Barkery. To initiate owners’ involvement with their pet’s diets, Sarah holds Pet Food Basics, First Aid and CPR classes. Please visit her website or stop into her store to sign up for the upcoming seminars.

Bonnie’s Barkery carries The Honest Kitchen food and has received nominations for Store of the Month. To reward her commitment to improving the lives of dogs and cats, Bonnie’s Barkery will receive 20% off their next order. Thank you, Bonnie’s Barkery!