February 6, 2014

royal-treatment I recently got to spend some time chatting with our friend Barbara Royal, DVM, at the IVAS veterinary acupuncture conference in New Orleans.

Dr. Royal’s new book is a really fantastic go-to reference guide written in simple, easy-to understand terms and I highly recommend it as an invaluable resource for taking care of your pet naturally and being mindful of their physical, nutritional and emotional needs, so that they can reach their full health potential.

With Chapters covering everything from pet obesity to healing, diet and modern medicine, with references throughout to wild animals, inherent and innate ‘wild health’ and our companion animals’ own wild counterparts that help to tie all the information together and put it into context in a really novel and insightful way.

My favorite section is on functional pet nutrition, which explores the concept that fast-food junk diets have contributed to over-fed but under-nourished pets – and cautions not to judge a food by the poop it produces, not to try to make a vegan out of a carnivore.

Dr. Royal is a big proponent of probiotics for total health, especially during cancer recover, kidney problems and to balance the effects of antibiotic courses.

There are also some super tips on how to read and understand a pet food label and a comparison of different types of feeding, from raw diets, to home-cooked, dehydrated, kibble and cans. The section on The Royal Treatment for Cancer has information on links with diet, water quality, food bowls and vaccines – as well as sun exposure, medications and cat litter.

A detailed list of recommended supplements for cancer recovery, including western and traditional Chinese herbs and Omegas helps to round out the info on Dr. Royal’s integrative protocol, along with some insight on the increasing incidence of cancer in wild animals, thought to be due to environmental toxin exposure.

The Royal Treatment is available from Amazon.