April 8, 2013

From Buck White Boys Blog

We love . . . like LOVE . . . The Honest Kitchen. Read a little bit of their history and you’ll see why. The concept is phenomenal – human-grade, dehydrated food for us! But it’s not just the “human grade” part, it’s that it’s good, wholesome, natural ingredients in a variety of tastes and flavors. Very, very healthy stuff that’s very, very good for us. In terms of quality it just beats anything on the market hands down.

The nice folks at Honest Kitchen sent us three types of food to try: Zeal, Love and Force.

We have all kinds of food allergies – and all three of us have different allergies, so finding us one kind of food we can all eat is TOUGH! (If you haven’t done a food allergy test from the amazing folks at Glacier Peaks Holistics, DO IT! We’ve had amazing results because of it – and it’s (relatively) inexpensive, easy and quick). The good news is we could all eat these three foods!

Looks great, right? We LOVE this food!! Hard to tell which one was better than the other or what they tasted like . . . there wasn’t time we ate ‘em so fast! Liked the bowls CLEAN and then came back for more. This stuff is so, so, so good!!! And so good for us. Read the ingredients by clicking one of the links above – chicken, papaya, bananas, green beans, celery, basil, alfalfa . . . not a processed “food” or chemical in the bunch!

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