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Random Ruffs

  • 5 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs & Cats

    If you notice any of the following changes in your dog or cat, please have them examined by your veterinarian. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious, but if it is cancer it’s much better to detect it early in order to have a better prognosis.

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  • Maisie's Transition to the Honest Kitchen Dog Food

    Here's a personal tale to make the point that even dogs with the “trickiest tummies” can eat The Honest Kitchen's healthy foods if you give them the digestive support they need to eat the pet food that's good enough for people to eat.

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  • Bladder Health in Dogs and Cats

    Having a pet that suffers from recurrent bladder infections or bladder stones can be very challenging for a pet owner. Dietary modification can be an effective way to improve bladder health.

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  • Jane Lynch Celebrity Interview

    This month, I’m excited to share an exclusive short interview that I did recently with our good friend, actress Jane Lynch. Read on, for a behind the scenes look at life with Jane’s gorgeous Lhasa Apso Olivia, and Jane’s thoughts on our Charity of the Month, The Rescue Train.

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  • 5 Tips for Picnics with Dogs

    What better way to enjoy a warm, hazy summer day, than a picnic? Many people love to involve their animal friends on summer away-days, too, and here are some tips for making the outing a time to remember.

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  • Ancient Grains: What’s all the Buzz About?

    While many grains like wheat and rice aren’t ideal for many pets, some animals can actually benefit from consuming healthy whole grains (especially if they’re free of gluten) and need these foods to help maintain healthy skin, coat and body weight. Super-grains are often classified as seeds or pseudo-grains. They contain little or no gluten, and also possess powerful health promoting properties.

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  • A Quick Word About Peas

    While whole (unflaked) green peas and other legumes like chickpeas or lentils can be challenging for some pets to digest and may cause gas, we’ve found a way to serve peas in an easily digestible ‘flaked’ form. A flaked pea is a whole green pea that’s been squashed flat to break down its outer shell, so it’s actually well tolerated even by pups with sensitive tummies.

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  • Interview with Dorothy Hunter about Her Dog Food Pledge

    We had a chance to interview Dorothy Hunter about her pledge to eat nothing but high quality dog food (including The Honest Kitchen!) for 30 days that has gained national media attention.

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  • How to Fit a Dog Harness

    People always ask Kurgo how to find and fit the perfect harness for their dog. We know it can be tricky with all of the options out there, so they’ve written this short guide to help you through the process.

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  • Top 5 Clinical Signs and Treatments for Pet Seasonal Allergies

    Regardless of location, the elemental tumult of seasonal changes, including blooming flowers, dying plants, dryness, moisture, warmer or cooler temperatures, and wind stirs up environmental allergens and other irritants that can affect the eyes, nose, skin, and other body systems of both people and animals. Learn how to recognize if your canine or feline companion is suffering from allergies.

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