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Random Ruffs

  • 6 Things To Know About Human Grade Pet Food

    Do you know what it means for pet food to be labeled 'Human Grade'? The requirements may surprise you!

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  • Understanding your pet's bloodwork

    When your veterinarian recommends running routine bloodwork, it can be a mystifying process. Here we will try to unravel the mysteries of your pet’s bloodwork and help you understand how to interpret the basics.

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  • 8 steps to start a running program with your dog

    The weather is warming up and the great outdoors are calling your name. You want to bring your dog along, but just like you can’t hop off the couch and run a marathon, you can’t expect your pup to go from snoozing near the radiator to pounding the pavement. To work up to a full running schedule in a healthy way, here are eight simple steps that you can start today.

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  • Yummy Additions to Your Pet's Bowl

    Are you looking for an easy way to increase your kitty's moisture intake or get more probiotics to your pup's rumbly belly? Check out these three natural Honest Kitchen products that taste great and are good for them, too!

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  • Heartbleed Encryption Flaw

    Heartbleed is an encryption flaw that affected about half of all SSL certificates on the internet. While we don’t have any indication that our site data was in any way affected by the latest security scare, I wanted to take a moment to reassure you that we have already updated a patch to our servers and re-issued all SSL certificates anyway, as an additional precaution, to make sure that our customers can visit our web site with the highest level of confidence.

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  • Happy Valentines Day!

    Wishing all our two and four legged friends a Happy Valentine's Day! We also wanted to share one of our favorite infographics - 10 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends! Enjoy!

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  • Meet Ranch Dog, Rosey!

    rosey the ranch dog Meet ranch dog, Rosey! She lives and works on Vista Verde ranch in Colorado and all the dogs there eat Honest Kitchen. Hear from her owners how our natural dog food helps keep up her energy!

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  • Tips for Holiday Pet Travel

    The holidays are right around the corner, and that means many of you will be packing up your pets to head over the river and through the woods. More people than ever are reportedly planning pet friendly vacations, and that means a little extra planning to make sure your trip gets off on the right paw. Here are a few tips to make sure your next adventure is a success.

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  • Holistic Health Day Twitter Chat 2013

    We kicked off Holistic Pet Health day with a Twitter Chat with Dr. Patrick Mahaney. If you missed the chat, we have a recap by health category below!

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  • Urinary Tract Problems in Cats and Dogs

    urinary tract infections Pets can display a variety of symptoms when a urinary tract problem is present. Learn the signs and find natural tips to help relieve suffering pets.

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