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  • Dock Diving Dynamos!

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  • True Stories: Monk

    From a satisfied kitty customer!
    “Hello, Recently we’ve switched our cat, Monk, over to your Prowl formula. At first he wasn’t too thrilled. I think it’s because it’s more of a stuffing/thick smooth wet cat food texture and he likes chunks. But, when we added in some chicken or his favorite, tuna, he can’t wait for his food to get done so he can eat it! We decided to try your food since he has problems with allergies and his trips to the cat litter box could clear the entire apartment. But, we’ve noticed not only that he’s stopped sneezing after eating his food but that the apartment smells cat poop free and his fur is silky smooth! We will definitely be keeping Monk on your cat food!”
    -Olycia and Monk

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  • Humphrey’s lickin’ his chops…and his bowl!

    Hi THK,
    I wanted to let you know Humphrey’s extraordinary reaction to your amazing foods! We have been rotating Force, Keen, Verve and Zeal and Humphrey ADORES each and every one!! He comes and gets me and begs long before he is due to eat. As I prepare his food, he salivates and licks his chops as I get ready to serve. My husband and I are amazed to see how he continues to lick his bowl long after his meal is consumed. In fact, once he is finished, it looks like his bowl has just come out the dishwasher. He has never, ever reacted this way to food! I just got a call from my local pet store, and the supplements they ordered from your company have arrived. I look forward to adding those to Humphrey’s new routine.
    Thank you so much for creating these incredible products! Humphrey’s coat looks silky, his eyes are brighter, and he is full of energy, yet calm as well. You have made believers of us!
    P.W. – Virginia

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  • Brock

    Brock (Black & Tan Shep) was diagnosed with allergies around 2yrs of age. I never did any allergy testing but he seemed to be allergic to beef and some environmental things as well. I switched around to several different foods and my vet put him on prednisone as well. The prednisone help but I was not happy when i read the ill effects of long-term usage of the prednison so I research and found honest kitchen! I am happy to say he almost never itches anymore and the only symptoms of his allergies are a little bit of irritated eyes and that’s it!!!! My pack of 6 eats HK and have never been to the vet as of yet for any illnesses. LOVE the food!

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  • Chewy’s Thankful for Force

    Dear THK,
    My dog Chewy had been suffering from skin problems, toe nail loss, and avoidance of his food for several months.  We were seeing a new vet who kept giving him antibiotics, steroids, and anti-fungal.  She was even suggesting that he was suffering from Lupus.  After nothing was working, I decided to see if this was a food allergy.  I was telling this to a friend of mine who told me about The Honest Kitchen and she ordered Chewy a box of Force.  
    I have never seen a dog SO excited to eat his food!  Chewy had a complete turn around with his ailments as well as returning to his old, happy, playful self.  I believe it was your food that gave me back my dog.  For this, I am very thankful.  You have wonderful products!!
    J. & Chewy
    October 2011

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  • My little girl Midnight

    My little girl Midnight had some minor ongoing problems, but she really took a turn for the worse a few years ago when I went on vacation for a week in August and left her home with a babysitter. The babysitter took her to a vet since she thought Midnight had an eye infection. They started treating her for allergies with a special shampoo, pills, and antibiotics. When I got home, I had clumps of hair all over my house and Midnight was practically bald. I dealt with a vet for about 6 months, but nothing they did made a difference. I always thought diet was the key so I started exploring different options. I tried a few foods at the pet store but was not seeing results so I turned to the internet to see if I could find a solution. I stumbled upon The Honest Kitchen’s website and figured I would give it a try. The cost of the food did not deter me since I figured it was less than I was paying in vet fees and medicine. Within a couple of days, Midnight was more at peace. She was no longer waking me up every night with her scratching, licking, and crying. The return of her hair has been a slow process, but you can see from the pictures it is coming back!!!! Best of all she loves her Zeal. She likes it with a scrambled egg and a teaspoon of olive oil…..I cannot fix it fast enough for her and she would eat 4 times a day if I would let her. Thank you for making a difference in Midnight’s life!!
    - Georgina

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  • Thrive, Ruby, Thrive!

    “I have attached a picture of our 1yr old English Bulldog as testament to the nutritional value of Thrive dog food, Ruby has been on Thrive since day one and well…..a pictures worth a thousand words. Keep up the good work, RH

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  • Olivia’s Road To Recovery

    The following post was written by LIFE+DOG magazine contributor Kate Smargiasso in July, 2011, following a two-month journey of recovery after rescuing Olivia from the streets of Houston. The Honest Kitchen sponsored part of her recovery by sending Zeal and supplements.

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  • Dog Scout says “Thank you”

    Dear honest kitchen:

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  • Callie and Nicky

    “We have 2 cockers, Callie and Nicky B, who are both rescues. Not knowing what they had eaten in their prior lives, we started them on Embark immediately, only adding some (gasp) kibble for a few days to get them used to the food in their new homes.

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