April 17, 2009

We at THK recently decided we’d like to adopt a rescue Coonhound. The idea had popped into my head a little while ago, and wouln’t leave. No sooner had we talked about the idea, than a handsome Coonhound visited our booth at the Woofstock charity event, for Canine Companions for Independence last weekend. And he was looking for a home! Literally, we’d chatted about adopting a Coonhound over company cocktails on Friday, and Saturday afternoon – there he was.

Cowboy. Adorable, charismatic, sometimes stoic, and a very naughty thief: toast, leftover take-out from the trash, some cheese, various dog treats, some soup and about fourteen children’s toys, and counting, just during the two-day trial. But he is SO cute.

He fit right into the office dog pack of eight, and has the most amazing tail. We’re thinking he’s a keeper. He might not stay Cowboy (since he doesn’t seem to know his name) and we’re thinking he’ll be Indian instead. A spiritual native tribesman with a painted face – or a calm, centered, benevolent yogi – hopefully the new name will sink in and give him a fresh start, and maybe even help him with a reliable recall. More to follow on that little project.