February 1, 2013

From Spring Forth Dog Blog

Zeal is the only complete diet in The Honest Kitchen’s line that Strata can have. It’s made with fish. He is allergic to all poultry and does not seem to digest beef well. Due to his testy digestive system, he has been on THK Perfect Form, a GI tract supplement, for about a year now and it has really helped him. Strata also loves their Pecks buffalo biscuits as well as their Wishes haddock skin chews, too!

I give Zeal two thumbs up. It did not have much of a “fishy” odor, so it didn’t stink up my kitchen. Like all THK products, it was very easy to prepare and re-hydrated quickly. More importantly, Strata gives Zeal four paws up! He wolfed it down at every meal and licked the bowl, hoping for more. He also seemed to digest it well. It did not give him loose stool nor did it cause him to go potty more frequently. These are both problems he has had when tried pre-made diets made by other companies.

Strata did so well on Zeal that I plan to purchase a box before we head out to AKC Agility Nationals in March. Since the food is dehydrated, it doesn’t weigh much, and of course we want to keep our baggage as light as possible. Plus, I can easily rehydrate it right in his bowl in the hotel room.

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