September 30, 2011

Dear honest kitchen:

I just wanted to update you on my 9-year-old mixed breed, Bailey. After some blood work and several urinalyses which were “very dilute”
my vet said Bailey could be at the beginning stages of kidney disease. Research pointed me toward
better dog food, higher quality protein, lower phosphorous, etc. Fellow Dog Scouts pointed me toward
Keen, which I had heard of after receiving a sample in our Dog Scout goody bag from Dog Scouts of
America Texas Mini Camp last year. Several dog scout members since started their dog on Honest
Kitchen products. I also received a lot of valuable input from THK by e-mail. Thank you.

Well, Bailey has been on Keen for about 7 or 8 weeks now and the last urinalysis came back normal
as did his bloodwork, which improved on lots of levels. My vet even said he was sure it was because
I watch his food so closely and use a good quality product.

I’m so happy I could dance. Honest Kitchen has done so much for Bailey and me–Thank you!

Donna D. – Texas