June 5, 2009

Not everyone is quite as lucky as the staff at THK’s HeadQuarters. We get to bring our hounds to work, every single day. They have to pull their weight, mind you. It’s not all lounging around on the sofas waiting for a belly rub. Oh no! There are ingredients to be purchased, sales to be made, and an unbiased, considered opinion to be offered during taste tests of new creations. BUT – many dogs get left at home most days and never get to see what their guardians spend those long hours. Pet Sitters International sets out to change all that with its annual ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’ (TYDTWD), which will celebrate its 10′th anniversary on June 26.

Established by PSI in 1999, TYDTWD was created to commemorate the great companions dogs make, and encourage their adoptions from local animal shelters, rescue groups and humane societies. The initiative encourages employers to open their doors to employees’ canine “best friends,” and spread the word about this worthwhile event in their communities.

This year, we’re joining in the fun with a tail-wagging contest! We’re on the prowl for the top 10 dog-friendly companies in San Diego; the winning company’s pooches will receive a special lunchtime delivery of delicious The Honest Kitchen food and treats to their office.

Want to enter?

If your company plans to participate in TYDTWD, send a short submission (no more than 500 words) about why your company is “top dog” when it comes to four-legged office mates – the more unique or compelling the story, the better! Submissions can be emailed to info@thehonestkitchen.com and should include the company name, a brief explanation on how you plan to celebrate TYDTWD or what furry co-workers help add to the office environment. Entries must be received by 5 p.m. PST on June 22.

Good luck!