July 9, 2013

1. Ice Pups: The ultimate cooling summer treat!  Ice Pups are a powdery mix that you combine with warm water and cool in the fridge to make a chilly drink, ideal after some hot summer playtime at the park or a hike in the woods. Or, for a really ice-cold treat, freeze Ice Pups in ice-cube trays and serve on sunny afternoons – they’re also perfect for puppy birthday parties, too!

2. Sleepy Pod’s Travel Bowls: With a spill resistant lip to prevent water from sloshing over the edges, and a tight lid to contain water while traveling, this water bowl also has a compartment for food, and is perfect for hounds who are out and about in warm weather.

3. Kong stuffed with food and frozen: what better way to serve a meal on a hot day, that pop it in a kong or Planet Dog toy and freeze it?! Our foods are perfect for this, and your pup will love the cooling challenge of getting every last morsel!

4. Goat’s Milk, chilled: Our brand new Pro Bloom instant goat’s milk with probiotics can be served chilled, too! For an extra fun twist, try making bubbles with a milk frother, like Christin our office manager does for her pup, Ollie!

5. Frozen Marrow Bone: The perfect cooling summer mainstay! Marrow bones are a brilliant treat at any time of year – they help to clean the teeth and provide hours of gnawing entertainment, which also makes them ideal as a tasty distraction for pups with separation anxiety when you leave the house. Our favorites? Primal offers both beef and bison marrow bones, from clean, safe sources.