October 25, 2013

My French Toast with Coulis Recipe has become an indulgent family weekend favorite for breakfast. We have a small flock of four backyard hens, who provide the essential saffron-color-yolked eggs for the toast thanks to their daily dish of Preference. Of course if you don’t have hens of your own, any free range eggs will do! It’s pretty easy to prepare, and I’ve set it out in simple stages, in case you commence before your coffee has kicked in. French Toast with Coulis Recipe


For the Coulis
1 ½ cups fresh or frozen mixed berries
Splash of filtered water
1 tbsp organic brown sugar

For the Toast
2 tbsp safflower oil
3 large free range eggs
¼ cup of milk
Few drops of vanilla extract
1 loaf of ciabatta bread, sliced

For the Mascarpone
1 small tub of mascarpone
Few drops of orange essence
1 tbsp powdered sugar

What to do

1. Preheat the oven to 280°F

2. Start off with the Coulis: Add the three components to a large saucepan and place on the stove at a medium heat to begin warming.


3. Now for the Toast: Warm a large frying pan on medium-high heat, and add the safflower oil.

4. While it’s warming, quickly beat the eggs, milk, and vanilla extract together in a large bowl.

5. Slice the bread and places in the bowl using tongs to turn, so that some of the egg mixture is absorbed on both sides.


6. Carefully place the soaked bread in the hot pan and sautee gently until golden, then turn.

7. Once done on both sides, place on a baking sheet in the warm oven.


8. Transfer the coulis to a blender and whizz for a few seconds to form a thick, smooth, fruity sauce.


9. Make the Citrus Mascarpone: Use a spoon to get all the mascarpone out of the tub and into a medium dish. Add the powdered sugar and orange essence and stir briskly with a spoon or fork.

10. Serve! Pour the coulis into a serving jug, take the toast out of the oven, place on a large serving platter or individual plates. Spread a spoonful of mascarpone on each slice, pour on the coulis, and enjoy!