April 20, 2011

I just want to commend everyone at Honest Kitchen! This food has changed my dogs life, and mine as well.

He has been plagued with diarrhea and mal-digestion his whole life. He is a very handsome, working German Shepherd. I got him as a 2.5 year old from a good breeder in Florida, where I used to live. We moved to San Francisco last July. He had been on Diamond foods (division of Nutro, I believe). The breeder said he, as well as his brother and father, has always had loose stools. I proceeded to take him right to my vet to get it resolved. Needless to say, he went through many different tests, prescription diets, antibiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, you name it. The only thing that seemed to help were the probiotics but they were quite expensive on a student’s budget, as I was studying at the University of Florida at the time.

Anyway, I got a job at a shop here in SF, and for the first time, was introduced to Honest Kitchen. I got to meet an HK representative in my shop and took home some samples. Before I decided to feed it exclusively, I was mostly hopeless, planning on making an appointment with a vet and preparing myself for the expense. I had a lengthy phone conversation with a friend of mine who is near graduating from vet school. She brought up the fact that he may just have simple allergies. After the success we’ve had with HK Keen, I’m convinced this is the issue. I didn’t spend hundreds at the vet, didn’t lose hours of sleep at night with a sick dog–I only spent about $50 for some good food and the situation is remedied. I am very happy and I just want to say that Honest Kitchen has a loyal customer for the life of my handsome Aurik!

Thank you tons,

Kristina and Aurik in San Francisco