September 3, 2009

I never thought I’d do it. Pay for a box with grass in it, for dogs to pee indoors? Way too weird! Call me uptight and British but it’s just such a Californian idea! I soon changed my mind though, when Taro joined the team. He’s my new baby and is one of two brand new pups to join THK in the past month. The adult, sensible dogs have mixed opinions on their arrival but all in all, I think everyone’s delighted.

Anyway, our office is up on the second floor of the historic Wonderbread Factory in downtown San Diego’s East Village. It’s ‘up-and-coming’. We have great views – but it’s a long way down to rush with a puppy who really has to go, right now. You can catch the early signs of sniffing – and there’s even a certain look you can tune into if you’re very astute - that a puppy gets when he thinks he’s gotta go. But it’s all in vain when it takes 34 seconds to put on a leash, get down the stairs and out the door.

The PET-a-POTTY was the answer. I ordered it online and it was here in two days. All the office dogs get pretty excited when a big box shows up – the general hope is that it’ll be a scrumptious ingredient that’s been short-listed for inclusion in one of our new recipes, and everybody really wants to taste it. So everybody gathered round as we yanked it out of the box, wondering what it might be. At first no one was quite sure what this strange thing was. But pretty quickly, Indy the Coonhound (he’s a rescue, a man of the world) stepped up to the plate, took a sniff and decided, ‘Yes! It’s a lovely new bed!’. In he got, and down he sat.

Then he stood up, fetched his tennis ball, got back in and lay right down. Heaven!


Next Taro got in to see if it really was as much fun as Indy had said.



Now Ollie and Taro both pee in the Pet-a-Potty several times a day. We still go for walks but it’s been a real life-saver in the potty-training days! Indy, of course, is slightly miffed, but there’s a cushy red sofa in the President’s office that’s just great for sprawling out with a tennis ball.

Go to the Pet-a-Potty web site to learn mroe about this weird but useful, Californian contraption!