June 7, 2012

Often times we receive heart wrenching emails from rescues about pups that have come to them in poor health. Recently one of our Allies from Texas passed on a story about Coffee, a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel that was surrendered by his owners. They had Coffee since he was 8 weeks old, after years of being part of their family Coffee developed some medical issues that they were not able to care for so they surrendered him to Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue. There he was met with open arms and a people that would go above and beyond to help make Coffee’s life a better one.

Coffee Before and After

Coffee suffered from a double ear ablation which became infected leaving him to suffer from a bad infection that spread through his body. He had to undergo numerous vet visits and surgery to help get his infections under control. He is continuing to make his recovery and looking much better now.

Along with medical treatment, GCCSR switched him over to Zeal. Stephanie Collins, President of GCCSR noticed how dramatically his skin and coat condition began to improve. Since then they have also switched 2 more dogs in the household to the Verve.

We could not deny that Coffee was a special guy and warmed the hearts of many and yes ours as well. We reached out to them and wanted to help support Coffee’s recovery with a food donation. Thanks Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue for all that you do for these great pups!

Coffee with THK food donation

If you would like to follow Coffee’s story please visit http://www.gulfcoastcockerspanielrescue.com/.