November 4, 2009

I have 4 Italian Greyhounds with #5 coming soon. I have been home cooking their food for the past 1.5 years. Preparing home cooked meals for 4 dogs would take me a full day of steaming vegetables, pureeing fruits and slightly cooking many pounds of turkey. I would then portion of 2 days worth of food in my Seal A Meal and freeze the mixture. I had known about your food from various IG Forums. I asked my local pet supply store to order my a 4 lb bag of Embark and Force. I alternated between my home cooked meals and THK. All 4 of my dogs absolutely love your food. I have recently ordered “Vibe” which they also love. Today, the girls exclusively eat THK with some ground up chicken necks for an extra treat. By ordering 10 lb bags I not only save time, but money. I feel confident that THK is as good as my home cooked…only you are doing the work and not me. Thank you for making a wonder product that is so good for my companions.