April 7, 2011


Thank you! My dogs love this stuff.

I have a friend who does rescue work and of course some of the dogs he gets are in pretty bad shape nutrition-wise. He’s very knowledgeable about canine nutrition and told me about Honest Kitchen. I started feeding my then-two year old long haired Chihuahua, Benny, on Honest Kitchen because I was having trouble controlling his weight. He loves the stuff!

About six months ago I adopted a second Chihuahua, Rocky, a two-year old male who was picked up wandering on the street. I had the “new dog overhaul” done at the vet’s, got his atrociously dirty teeth cleaned, and of course he started eating Honest Kitchen as well. One thing that surprised me when I got him was how bad his breath was! My older dog Benny has never had bad breath. Rocky’s breath is now nice and fresh and his coat is much smoother and shinier.

Good product, and the dogs love it!