January 27, 2011

Connie, from South Carolina, wrote to us in December to get some input on how she might be able to help her two older Labradoodles suffering with digestive issues and allergies.

I have two elderly dogs with digestive issues and food allergies. Both have been fed high quality food thier whole lives, but their bodies are changing now and we need to adjust their foods.

Max is a 9-year-old Labradoolde. He can no longer digest kibble, even when ground. I have just begun feeding him your Thrive with good results. He has had blood tests that show his allergies are corn, peanut, oat, barley, brewers yeats and carrots, with a borderline allergy to venison.

Amie is an 8-year-old Labradoole. She often has loose covered in mucous. She is currently eating Venison and Potato kibble with Venison and Potato canned as a topper, with acceptable results. I’d like to give her more variety. Her blood tests indicated her allergies as poultry, wheat, oat, brewers yeast, fish and peas with a borderling allergy to soybean.

And on January 4th, 2011, we received an update from Connie:

Amie, the one with the most severe food allergies, is eating Preference. I add an equal amount of meat or other protein source, such as cottage cheese, eggs or yogurt. She is doing GREAT! We have spent three years running tests and trying out different foods and this is the FIRST time she has had normal bowel movements in all this time.

Max, my other allergy-prone dog, is eating Force or Thrive with a small amount of meat. He has stopped vomiting and his tummy no longer makes all those sad sounds.

Suzy, our youngest, has not fodo issues and shares Max’s eating regimen. Her breath has improved dramatically.

Your food doesn’t look pretty, but it smells wonderful! The proof is in the improved digestion of my dear dogs. And the like it!

Thank you for your help in selecting the right formula. Keep up the good Work!

Connie M.