June 20, 2013

"You know the advertisement that says 'Got Milk?' with a milk mustache on the celebrity? Well now my old Weimaraner Scooby Doo has a goat's milk mustache and a big smile of his own from slurping up a packet of ProBloom dissolved in warm water. No baby goat was ever as happy as he was after that wonderful nutritious treat that was great for his intestinal health and his hydration, as older dogs need more liquids as their kidneys get older, too! And Scooby Doo happens to be lactose intolerant- cow's milk does not agree with him - but the goat's milk in ProBloom does not create those problems.

Get a milk mustache going on your own dogs and cats and enjoy knowing how much health and nutrition you are giving them along with the treat."

- Tracie Hotchner, Pet Expert & Radio Host