February 1, 2013

From Here and There Blog

The first thing I gave Lucy to try was the Wishes haddock treats. They only have one ingredient (Icelandic haddock), unlike many other brands of cat treats that contain meat by-products and fake ingredients. The are also lightweight, and can be broken into small pieces. Full warning- they smell very fishy! I love fish, so I don't mind- and Lucy obviously loved the smell.

She was completely obsessed with these treats, and licked every bit from my hand and the table. They were a hit- we'll definitely stock up again soon.

Next, we tried out the cat food. Both Grace and Prowl are dehydrated foods, and are made with 100% human-grade ingredients. No by-products here, thank goodness! More info about dehydration is on the Honest Kitchen website, but basically you just add water, stir, and serve. The following photos are of the Grace variety, which is made with turkey and a bunch of other wholesome ingredients.

Before hydration, the food looks like the powders used to make chicken or beef stock. I love that it doesn't smell weird, like many standard canned cat foods. It just smells like chicken or turkey soup. I put a small amount into her bowl and added water.

When I went in the next room to set up her food for photos, she was so excited that she tried to push her way in through the door. A very good sign!

Anyway- Lucy loved the food. She licked every inch of that bowl.

Overall, we loved the Honest Kitchen products. Natural, yummy, and simple. We'll definitely be buying them on a regular basis.

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