October 6, 2010

I have a two year old chocolate lab, Houston. He developed myasthenia gravis earlier this year – meaning he could no longer walk without medication. Most dogs go into remission after about 18months, so the trick is surviving that time. The most common side effect that eventually causes some dogs to be put down is megaesophagus. The vet was very clear that Houston needed to be fed from an elevated bowl and I needed to watch for regurgitation.

I’ve had him on Honest Kitchen (eats both Force and Embark) for almost his whole life, along with a homemade dogfood I make from whatever organic beef is on sale at Whole Foods, stewed with carrots. All I changed was grinding the dog food into a paste & adding it to a thinner rehydrated Honest Kitchen. His vet is astounded that we have yet to experience any regurgitation & credits Houston’s current diet with keeping him healthy.

I agree. And thank you for making such a great food. I have another dog, Didi, older yellow lab, who came to live with us last year. Her coat has totally changed since she started eating this diet. Just beautiful. People always comment on both dogs’ coats. And several have switched to your product as a result.

Wish us luck. You make dealing with Houston’s condition so much easier. It helps to know I’m feeding him quality food as we wait for remission. Thanks again!

Bonnie from Loomis, California