March 2, 2012

I wanted to let you know Humphrey’s extraordinary reaction to your amazing foods! We have been rotating Force, Keen, Verve and Zeal and Humphrey ADORES each and every one!! He comes and gets me and begs long before he is due to eat. As I prepare his food, he salivates and licks his chops as I get ready to serve. My husband and I are amazed to see how he continues to lick his bowl long after his meal is consumed. In fact, once he is finished, it looks like his bowl has just come out the dishwasher. He has never, ever reacted this way to food! I just got a call from my local pet store, and the supplements they ordered from your company have arrived. I look forward to adding those to Humphrey’s new routine.
Thank you so much for creating these incredible products! Humphrey’s coat looks silky, his eyes are brighter, and he is full of energy, yet calm as well. You have made believers of us!
P.W. – Virginia