November 4, 2009

I have been feeding Honest Kitchen since the food scare made it impossible for me to feel good about feeding commercial dry dog foods, and the food recommended for allergy dogs was recalled that she was eating. My Yorkie is allergic to several foods, and the choices were slim to none between what was being recalled and what she is allergic to. When I found Honest Kitchen, I was overjoyed that there was something that would be good for her and that would not pose any problems with her allergic reactions. I have two other small dogs, Brussels Griffons, that eat the Preference that I have her on, with my own ground chuck added.

In closing, I will add that all three of my dogs have thrived on this food. My food allergic Yorkie has grown hair at an amazing rate. Her hair was short and thin. Now, in less than 6 months, her hair touches the floor and has tripled in volume and thickness. All 3 dogs’ hair has thickened greatly. They all have more energy and feel better than they have since they were puppies. I am sold on your product, and even the inconvenience of having to cook the meat is minimal when compared to how well they are doing on it. Thank you.