August 29, 2013

I’m excited to tell you about our brand new Loyalty Program, which replaces our old Rewards Program, beginning in November. No more clipping UPC’s!!

  • If you order directly from - We’ve already automatically started tracking purchase points for you, starting September 1st 2013, and as a special perk, we’re loading your online points balance with 50 points for free, to help you on your way! As your points reach the necessary balance, you’ll be able to redeem them for free items from our product line. Learn more about points >
  • If you purchase from a local neighborhood pet supply store - You’ll be able to participate in our brand new Store Loyalty Program. Your retailer* will have a snazzy box behind the counter full of envelopes. Ask them nicely and they’ll put your name on one, and pop a copy of your receipt in there each time you buy a box*! Once you’ve bought twelve boxes, they’ll give you your free box right on the spot (don’t worry, we’ll pay them back).

*You can collect either Small (4lbs and 3lbs) OR Large (7lbs and 10lbs) boxes in one envelope. Sorry, but we can’t accept a combination of different sized boxes in one envelope. Please see store for details.

After November 1st, we won’t be able to accept any more UPC’s at this address, and any submissions received after this date will be returned to you. So please be sure to turn in all UPC’s before that date and check with your retailer to see if they’ve joined the Loyalty Program yet.

We’re sorry, but our store Loyalty Program is not available through other online E-tailers, however you may wish to check with them about other programs they may offer.

If you’re in our Concierge Club, please ask Chris directly for information on how you’ll be able to earn and redeem Loyalty Points, and he’ll take care of that personally for you.

Please note that it’ll take us a bit of time to get this program rolled out to all retailers and some may decide to opt out of the program at their own discretion. Please let us know if you’re having trouble finding a store that’s participating once November rolls around – and hold onto your receipts in the meantime.

Lucy Postins
Founder & CEO