February 28, 2013

From Upcycled Education Blog

About a month ago, our favorite dog food company, Honest Kitchen, asked if any bloggers wanted to try some products and then blog about them. I raised my virtual hand instantly and was chosen (Yay!).

Jedi does love Honest Kitchen, but this time we wanted to try some products that he had not tried before.

The first product he tried was called Smooches. Though the name of the dog treat is uber-cute, the shape is even cuter. Plus, Lil O's little kid hands are pretty cute, too - unbiased opinion, of course.

The eye-catching packaging of Smooches adds to its cuteness. Every product Honest Kitchen makes is packaged creatively, in my design opinion. And since I am a faux designer, I do have an opinion on things like this.

Apparently, the smell of the Smooches comes through the box. Jedi was instantly intrigued and curious. When I read the ingredients, I understood why. The Smooches are made of all "real" food ingredients - no fillers, weird preservatives or pseudo-food-names I cannot pronounce.

Thanks, Honest Kitchen, for letting Jedi try a new product. He will be trying Ice Pups and Wishes next. By the way, the Ice Pups come in the coolest tin can with a pop-on lid. The crafter in me is scheming how I will upcycle the can.

...I just love the attention to detail, creativity and lovely goodness for sweet Jedi.

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