June 5, 2012


First of all I want to tell you what a life saver Honest Kitchen has been for me and my dog Laila!  Laila is a boxer and has previously suffered from Mast Cell Tumors.  After researching on my own and through being educated by Laila's holistic vet, I decided that I should start cooking for Laila.  Oh my!  I have a full time job and barely cook for myself so it was certainly a labor of love.  Laila loved it but started losing a little too much weight.  I just couldn't get her the nutrients and calories that she needed.  The great people at her daycare mentioned Honest Kitchen to me as a great alternative to cooking.  AHHHHHHHHH  It was like the angels came down and sang :)  Laila loves it and I LOVE that I can give her REAL quality food with the nutrients she needs without having to spend the time cooking.  Her coat looks incredible and I've also noticed she is much more hydrated and does not need to drink copius amounts of water as she had done in the past on other foods.  So, THANK YOU for the amazing product!!!!

E.C. - Florida

Laila with a lip full of Thrive. Laila with a lip full of Thrive.

Laila in her happy place Laila in her happy place