December 8, 2009

Launder Dog

LaunderDog first opened its doors in July of 1996 when owner Pamela Demarest decided to do something more meaningful with her life. After many years in the automotive industry, Pamela opted for a change and decided the pet industry was where she needed to be. Learning from her previous career, she realized that customer service and experience was something that would be important in her business and needed improvement in the pet industry as a whole. While going out and learning all about this new industry, her German Shepherd began having health issues. This caused Pamela to look at the link between nutrition and health and take a holistic approach to the degenerate disease her dog was facing. After changing her diet and adding in supplements she took her back to the veterinary teaching university in her area and they reported her in good health again. While Pamela was ecstatic at the results a wholesome, nutritious diet can make, the school was less receptive. It was then that she realized something needed to be done to help show others what good nutrition can do for our pets. Since LaunderDog has opened its doors, Pamela has built up its integrity and will only carry products that she believes in and has had either first hand experience with or has heard great experiences from trusted sources.

When the big pet food recall happened a few years back, Pamela knew she was doing something right when it didn’t affect her store. Her business grew 350% in the next four months because customers knew they could trust the store. LaunderDog doesn’t need a “healthy, all-natural section” because everything already is!

Launder Dog
2600 Alta Arden Expwy
Sacramento, CA 95825