January 28, 2013

From Leash Free Living Blog

When Rugby and I returned from Orlando in December, we came home to find our dog food freezer had been unplugged for the whole week. That was a smelly, and expensive mishap. The food was disposed of, the freezer cleaned and the stink dispersed. All of a sudden a more shelf stable food option was looking very appealing.

I was thrilled when Rugby and I were given the chance to try out The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated raw food diets. The price is more in line with our raw diet than other fresh and frozen food available locally. It is made of quality ingredients, healthier than kibble and easier than raw. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking the freezer plug from the wall and leaving for a week.

We were sent trial size boxes of the “Love” and “Embark” varieties of The Honest Kitchen’s food. Both boxes make 1 lb of fresh food, and since Rugby eats about 1/4 lb of food each day, the boxes took us exactly eight days to get through. I kept a daily log of our Honest Kitchen experience. It is long and includes details of Rugby’s poop. You can skip straight to our conclusion at the bottom if you would like.

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