July 29, 2010

I got Connor 2 weeks after he was given up for digestive issues and he did have those same issues with me. I immediately went on a hunt to find the very best food for him that I could. I have Celiac Disease and can’t eat any gluten so I figured I’d try him on a grain free/gluten free diet.

Connor's Medical File

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I mixed the HK into Connor’s food and he began to get better quickly. I probably rushed the switch to HK but he so quickly seemed better. His GI system got straightened out almost immediately and his behavior changed in a major way. We have seen an amazing difference in this dog in so many ways. Once I started him on Thrive his “issues” cleared up in a few days and have never come back (its been 6 months so I’m sure we are good to go). To help ease Connor’s sensitive tummy I added Perfect Form and he loves that too. Everything about him is normal and my vet says he is a normal healthy dog that just need a serious diet change.


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I just wanted you all to know, not only how much I love the food, Thrive but how nice and helpful the entire staff is.