August 19, 2009

This story made all of us smile. Thank you Craig!


Less than one year old, our beautiful black, female German Shepherd was diagnosed with E.P.I. (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). In laymen’s terms, she wasn’t able to properly digest food because her pancreas was not functioning normally. In our dog’s case, her pancreas was barely functioning at all. This meant that she was getting very little, if any, nutritional value out of her food. I was nearly in tears when my veterinarian explained her problem. When your dog has E.P.I., you might say the clock is ticking because you’re dog is, without treatment, literally starving to death.

In most cases, this disease is treatable and the animal can live a normal life. The key is that you’ve got to find a food that is both low in fat as well as low in fiber.

Determined to give my dog her chance at a normal life, my search for a quality food and a plan for her treatment began in earnest!

I began to read books, scour manufacturers websites, interact with other dog owners whose dogs had E.P.I. , and I began to study holistic nutrition.

After starting my research, it didn’t take me long to become terribly disappointed in the quality of the commercial dog food that’s available today to consumers! I found a sea of questionable foods being promoted behind some colorful packaging and television ads. MY primary concern was simple; I wanted to find what I considered to be the best commercially available food with a company whose focus was on what’s best for my dog. I found all of what I was looking for in The Honest Kitchen product line.

We’ve been feeding “The Honest Kitchen”, ” Embark” variety now for over a year. It has both a fat and fiber content that’s within the generally accepted guidelines for dogs with E.P.I. We’ve learned how to feed our dog with her required porcine enzymes, and our dog is doing wonderful!

Just yesterday my Wife and I took our German Shepherd to our veterinarian, and we were tickled with his response to seeing our dog. To give you a little background on our “vet”, he’s generally a pretty stoic individual. During the length of our visit, he complimented her on how beautiful her coat is, how bright her eyes are, and how strong her heart is. He said he could see reflections in her coat. He said she has “the heart of an athlete”. If that wasn’t flattering enough, he asked if we would wait for a moment while he left to get the clinic owner to come look at our dog – he said “Let me see if Jeff is here, he’s not going to believe the difference in your dog.”

When my Wife and I asked if he had any suggestions or any other feedback…he told us to not change a thing. Before we left, he asked us if we would be willing to talk with some of his other clients (he had one gentlemen in particular in mind) and give them some advice on how we’ve been caring for and feeding our dog!

What we like best about “The Honest Kitchen” is what seems to be your driving philosophy; produce a quality food with first class ingredients and exacting standards.

We like being able to read your ingredient label and recognize the individual items like USDA turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, spinach, carrots, etc. We like the fact that our dog gets her nutrition from the quality of the ingredients and their natural vitamins and minerals, as opposed to injected, synthetically produced vitamins.

We’d like to personally say “Thank-You” to “The Honest Kitchen”. You’ve played a very large part in the health of our dog “Alexis” whom we affectionately refer to as “LoveBug”. We look forward to many healthy, happy years with her!!!