July 2, 2009

I got some really cute pictures of Maxx from his mom Bunny who wanted to share just how much Maxx has fallen in love with The Honest Kitchen. This little guy is so quick his mom can hardly snap a picture quick enough to catch him!! Enjoy!

“I ordered from you about a month ago…And I told you that I was just visiting the US then and that I was bringing the food back home in the Philippines for my Chihuahua, Maxx. Well, I have been home maybe 3 weeks. Got settled in, caught up on work and finally got him to try the stuff I bought from you. I bought a box of Force, But I did get samples of everything else. I opted to try the small samples on him first and he loved it! I cant seem to be able to take a good picture of him fast enough because he is dancing excitedly eating it every time! But I did try and will keep trying to get better shots”.
I did promise to send you some pictures though, so here they are:

“That’s Maxx, he turned 2 just this past April. He is about 4 lbs. That’s his frenemy toy (sometimes his friend, sometimes his enemy because it looks like him).”

“This is him eating Preference. I added a bit of canned food, worried that he may not transition well to the new food. I was wrong, he loved it! As you can see, his head is bobbing too much from licking, I cant get a clear shot.”

“Then it was gone.”

“This one is Embark. He is like a ghost! He was too excited, prancing and giddy, I can’t even take a clear picture! Just an illusion of him.”

“Thanks so much by the way and extend my wishes to the rest of your staff and the owners of Honest Kitchen. I love it and Maxx loves it even more. Will send better pictures if I get the chance.”