January 21, 2014

Meet ranch dog, Rosey! She lives and works on Vista Verde ranch in Colorado and all the dogs there eat Honest Kitchen. Hear from her owners how our natural dog food helps keep up her energy!

Rosey The Ranch Dog

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how crazy Rosey is over your dog food! She loves the fuss we make over making it and will sit in the kitchen and watch every move. Rosey is quite the talker, and does forget her manners, on occasion, as we wait for it to re-hydrate. She will have to "remind" me that the food bowl is still on the table with a little whine. Or she will follow me around the house until it is time.

rosey She has always been true to her lab nature, and scarfed down her food, so much so that we got her a slow feeder bowl. Since eating Honest Kitchen, she has taken on more of my yogi philosophy of slowing down and enjoying her food. Steve even jokes that she eats as slow as I do! Not only that, but she licks her bowl clean and will go back several times to make sure she got it all. Today, I caught her licking the mat her food bowl sits on. She has NEVER done that before!

We all have been training, getting ready for our winter guest season at the ranch. Steve and I are very careful what we eat and put into our bodies (non-gmo, organic, fresh and as local as possible), especially since we use our bodies hard everyday for work. It is such a great feeling to know that Rosey is getting the same high quality and consideration.

rosey2 She guides everyday with us too and requires a premium food to keep her energy up. She has tried just about all of the Honest Kitchen "flavors" and I don't think she has met one she doesn't like. I just love the fact that we can mix up more or less depending on her activity level and she has yet to tire of it, like she does on dry dog food.

For a working dog like Rosey and as a beloved member of our family, we can't thank you enough for the amazing food you produce and provide for her. We are greatly appreciative and can't wait to see how well she performs this winter on such high quality food.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
- Kelli & Steve
Vista Verde Ranch