January 19, 2013

From My Rotten Dogs Blog

Recently, The Honest Kitchen asked those with dog blogs to email them a link to their blog, as they were looking to mail out some samples for review. I jumped all over that, and promptly received an email back, asking which formula I would like to review. I was quite excited, as the only place remotely close to me that sells their products is about a 35 minute drive away.

I perused the website, studying the various formulas (which I've done in the past) before deciding on Zeal. I chose it because it is fish based, which Neeko loves, and grain-free. I am not able to feed much raw fish, as good, affordable fish is hard to source. Neeko did not care for the other dehydrated food I tried.

It smelled like fish, but not a bad fishy smell. I liked that it wasn't soupy, but had some texture to it.

The verdict: Six paws up!! All three ate every bit they were offered, including the picky princess. I might have to make the drive, and purchase a box of this, for variety.

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