December 13, 2013

We were pondering an idea at a board meeting recently, and one of our fabulous investors came out with this: “I always think about going to an amazing restaurant, where the chef has spent half an hour to make the most perfect meal with fresh, delicious ingredients, prepared to perfection. How weird would it be, if before the waiter brought it to the table, they whacked it in this machine that cooked it at 400°F and processed it under really high pressure, to pop it out as uniform pellets, that had turned brown because of all the processing. That’s what conventional pet food is, and we are so not that!”

What a brilliant analogy. I wonder why people don’t question the format of conventional pet food a bit more? Why has it become so normal to process and re-process the food our pets eat, into something that’s totally unrecognizable as the ingredients it’s made from? It’s enough to make you feel a bit sad.

we are not kibble

In my mind, conventional pet food pellets are as weird and unnatural as the idea of The Honest Kitchen selling little machines to our customers, which would let them put our lovely colorful food inside, and force it out the other end as neat, round, brown little buttons.

We’re not Kibble Makers. Sure, there are challenges in explaining The Honest Kitchen to new customers, but when you compare the natural goodness of our foods, it’s honestly hard to imagine any reason why we’d want to be.