December 8, 2009

Noah's Pet Market

Mary Jansky and Liz Oshant, owners of Noah’s Natural Pet Market (formerly Noah’s Ark) have a congruent and harmonious partnership, and have built a solid business in Pacific Beach San Diego. They are highly regarded for their nutritional expertise and one-on-one attention with their customers. Pacific Beach is a mecca for vacationers and Noah’s is known to be frequented by tourists who then call for consultations about their dog or cat, when they get back home!

Liz, Mary, Hannah and the rest of the Noah’s team is diligent to educate about what’s in commercial pet food; and reminding their customers that marketing is a powerful persuasion tool, but does not accurately reflect the nutritional integrity of a pet food product. Liz & Mary only seek out pet food products for their store that they would themselves feed; concentrating on quality first, not profit! They are also especially conscious of the cleaning solutions used within their store; only biodegradable products and those least harmful to our environment!

Noah’s Natural Pet – Creating a Cleaner & Healthier world….One dog at a time

Noah’s Natural Pet Market
4431 Cass St.
Pacific Beach, CA 92109