August 9, 2013

We talk a lot at THK, about the fact that our pet food products are human food grade. We not only choose 100% of our ingredients directly from the human food chain, but we also have our products made in a human food facility. Our bananas and cranberries are the same ones used by granola and trail-mix makers; our celery and carrots are also used in soups, and the place that makes our products, creates bakery and soup mixes, milk shake powders and more.

Human Grade Pet Food 1

The fact that our pet foods are human grade, doesn’t just mean an extra assurance of the quality and integrity – it has the added bonus that we can actually taste them ourselves!

When we’re securing our purchasing contracts each year, we receive lots of different ingredient samples from suppliers, and we sit down at our big kitchen table and taste them. We’re also checking for color (the more naturally vivid the better) aroma, and piece size but the taste really is the best part.

Human Grade Pet Food 2

When we’re creating new products or considering new ingredients, the dogs love to join in our taste-testing fun, to give their four paws of approval. It’s a team effort, and at The Honest Kitchen the pups and the people are all on one team, focused on the same goal or creating meaningful products that make a difference and of course, putting pets before profits.

Human Grade Pet Food 3

We also routinely taste our finished products, to ensure they meet our high quality standards for taste, texture and over all consistency. Some people think it’s a bit odd, of course, but we figure it’s simply just good wholesome people-food that’s been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pets – so why not?!

Human Grade Pet Food 4