February 7, 2013

From One Blue Dog Blog

As you all probably have guessed by now, I like food. And by like, I mean LOVE. I LOVE food. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that the very nice people at The Honest Kitchen were going to make use of my very sophisticated taste testing skills and send me some food samples to test out!

Before I got to the tasty part, Mom and I had to do some research. We found out that all of the ingredients in The Honest Kitchen foods are “human-grade,” which means no creepy stuff that’s too icky for people to eat. Plus they use free-range poultry and wild caught fish. Instead of cooking the food at very high temperatures, they steam and dehydrate most of the ingredients slowly in low heat so they keep the good things about a raw food. And they make all their food in the USA. Mom was very impressed, but I just wanted to eat!

I got to try out “Embark” with turkey, fruits, and veggies and “Zeal” with haddock, fruits, and veggies. Both of these foods are grain-free. The Honest Kitchen food is a little different from the usual kibble, but it’s easy to make. You just add some warm water to the dehydrated food and let it soak up for five minutes.

Well, I think it’s pretty clear; The Honest Kitchen was a serious success in this house! I did have a tiny bit of a tummy upset the day after the taste test, but I have eaten more of my Honest Kitchen food since with no problems, so it was probably caused by something else (maybe that smelly thing I sneaked from the gutter on our morning walk?)

Mom likes the healthy ingredients and I like the delicious taste . Mom also liked the way it smelled, which is more like people food than most dog food. She is pretty picky about what goes into this pup’s tummy, but The Honest Kitchen was A-OK with her. I can pretty much guarantee that The Honest Kitchen will be a regular in our kitchen

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