June 21, 2011

We recently received a great email from a veterinarian in Ottawa, Canada, that we wished to share with all of you! Thank you, Dr. Auger!

“Just thought I would drop a line to tell you how impressed I am with your Feline product “Prowl”.

“One of my Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine clients told me about your product a few months ago. I have been treating her 17 year old Bichon naturally for the last 6 months and have had great success improving the dog’s quality of life and I recommended a raw or homecooked diet to her. After searching some of the local stores, she came across your dehydrated raw products. The dog’s activity level and overall condition inproved greatly when she switched over to your product while also on my herbal therapies. I was so impressed that I looked into your products and decided to put my cats (10 year old and 1 year old) on “prowl”. After a few days of transition I am pleased to report they are BOTH doing very well on the product and both Love the taste.”

“I have seen dramatic improvement in both my cats, to the point that I am now recommending your products to my clients, but in particular my Traditional Chinese Herbal Clients. I am also recommending it to my ferret owners as well.”

“I am a co-owner of an integrative small animal clinic in Ottawa, Canada and our views of nutrition mesh well with your products and philosophies.”

“I’m thinking of starting my Akita on your products as well. She’s currently on a grain free, low-carb high protein food but with her weight, going to strict raw would be cumbersome.”

“Keep Up The GREAT work !!”

Dr. Daren Auger DVM CVCHM

Ottawa, Canada