May 21, 2012

Our new price increase went into effect last night and I wanted to take a moment to explain the background to it.

As always, we’ve worked very hard to control costs with our raw ingredient suppliers this year, but some increases were unfortunately unavoidable. Meat prices (in particular turkey and beef) were affected by grain costs which have sky-rocketed in recent months.

Our commitment to not using any ingredients from China means we also have much higher over all expenses because domestic and European produce costs much more. However, we strongly feel that the higher cost is worth the peace of mind.

We continue to maintain two supply options for the majority of our ingredients, so that we’re protected to the extent possible from cost increases due to harvest failures in particular regions. As we continue to grow, and see ingredients being planted exclusively for The Honest Kitchen, we’re working closely with suppliers to find an economies of scale – with quality of course being our primary focus above everything else. We will pass on any future savings we do see as food markets begin to settle, as we have done in years past.