May 4, 2011

Here’s a great story we just received via email from a happy customer.

So enjoyable, we just had to share.


I just wanted to share a cute picture and story with you. Both of my dogs are on HK and a friend recently gave me a sample of Prowl to try on my cat (Carrot).

This evening I was sitting in the living room watching tv, with the dogs cuddled up on the couch. I looked down to see Carrot walk into the living room from the kitchen carrying the sample package of Honest Kitchen Prowl in his mouth. He walked all the way into the middle of the large living room rug, sat down, looked at me and then started to shake the bag from side to side… Sending cat food all over the rug. He then dropped the sample packet and sat back while the dogs (who were thrilled by this turn of events) leapt off the couch and set to “cleaning up” the mess. Carrot also had a little nom. I think they may be strategizing while I am away during the day. I swear they are a trio of little monkeys!

Thought you’d like to hear how popular HK is in my house.


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