December 5, 2012

From The House of Two Bows Blog

Friends and readers are probably aware that The Honest Kitchen products comprise a regular part of the Bows diet. After tracking the Bows’ daily meals in October, I was so delighted with the mosaic I created, I posted the picture to the company’s Facebook page. They noticed and cared enough to share in our foodie-ness by sending The House of Two Bows some neat gifts, including a box of their newest treat.

Fish-based products have always gone over well at the House of Two Bows, and this treat was no exception. Beams TALLS live up to their name — the box itself stands over 12″ tall to accommodate the size of these strips, which ranged from 10 ~ 12″ apiece in our box.

I prefer to offer more “natural” treats as edible dental chews, and Beams definitely serve that function. With nice ridges and a hard, firm texture, they do take a bit of work to consume.

Bowpi likes to grip the stick and chomp from the side, giving her molars some much-needed action.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the low calorie count per treat, in spite of their size. These catfish skins are quite a bit thicker than the salmon skins treats we usually keep on hand. Each chomping session lasts about seven minutes. Bowdu can rush through a piece in 5 minutes, and Bowpi works with gusto, but usually takes about twice as long. Obviously your experience will vary, depending on the strength of the chewer.

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