November 12, 2013

Ricky's Sensitive Stomach

Our Northwest Regional Sales Manager, Lynda recently adopted a beautiful Chocolate Labrador puppy, Ricky. Unfortunately, despite Lynda’s best efforts, Ricky was suffering with constant GI upset no matter what dog food she fed him and Lynda was really struggling with the changeover to feeding a less processed diet.

I suggested a fresh start, by doing a goat’s milk fast with Pro Bloom™ for one to two days without any solid food at all to give his tummy a complete break and some probiotic support, before gradually phasing in real food again. Lynda then came up with a goat’s milk and Perfect Form™ concoction of her own.

She writes:
I wanted to send you a note of thanks. You inspired me to try again with Ricky and his diet. I have been rather discouraged and embarrassed that I had been feeding ½ kibble. Before I left for the sales meeting I had tried a pasteurized refrigerated product in addition to THK and kibble, but we had been dealing with diarrhea to no end and testing negative for everything. I think it is inevitable that I will always have dogs with digestive issues!

Ricky has been completely off kibble for a couple days now, with firm stools and seems to be doing fine. Below I have included the recipe I created with direction from you and our fun recipe book. It includes the Pro Bloom and Perfect Form, which I think has really helped with his digestion.

Thank goodness I have finally been able to get him off processed food - this makes me want to dance! Ricky is eating Love, and 4 of the meatballs with each meal!!

Thank you for creating an amazing food saving Sam and Daisy’s life and now cross our fingers no more issues for Ricky!!!

Ricky’s Meatballs Recipe

2 cups Keen
2 packets Pro Bloom
2 cups water
¼ cup dehydrated pumpkin
½ cup freeze dried turkey liver, pounded to powder (could substitute fresh turkey meat)
1 tbsp Perfect Form

Mix pro-bloom and water, set aside. Mix all dry ingredients. Add wet to dry and set aside for 15 minutes. Roll into meatballs and place on cookie sheet. Let rest in refrigerator overnight to firm up.

Meatballs Lucy Postins