November 23, 2009

Hi! My name is Benjamin and I am a four year old Golden Retriever. I am so excited about the food that I am eating and I am just dying to share it with everyone!

When I was younger I had a ton of tummy and digestive issues. I went through an awful ordeal called HGE – (a disease called Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, which causes sudden episodes of vomiting and bloody diarrhea – no fun, let me tell ya!) They don’t know yet what causes this rare disorder, but for us dogs who have gone through HGE being on an easy to digest food is a MUST! I was on canned food for a while, but for an 80 pound dog like me it was very expensive for my mom to feed me just canned food – I was eating about FOUR cans a day! Then my mommy discovered the raw food diet. I do exceptionally well on raw food but sometimes it is just a lot of work and mommy doesn’t always have time to defrost and mix the raw for me – and on days like that giving me kibble is just not an option because of my super sensitive tummy. It is just way too processed and hard for me to digest. That is why my mommy was so excited when she discovered Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food! I’ve eaten it is my sole diet before and it’s also just something my mom keeps on hand for days that feeding me raw just isn’t an option.


Sometimes I wear my Honest Kitchen tee shirt because it is an excellent conversation starter. A lot of people who feed yucky commercial pet food are not open to the idea of raw food but Honest Kitchen is a great alternative and much easier to be introduced to!

Thanks Honest Kitchen for helping my tummy and keeping me happy and healthy!!!