September 13, 2012

"Hello Customers and Friends, This is Jenna here at the Honest Kitchen. I have worked here for almost 6 years in our Customer Service department.

It is with sadness and excitement that I tell you that today will be my last day here at the Honest Kitchen. I will be a full time mom to my 2 adorable children (many of you know I recently had a baby girl) and to my pup Texi.

By far my favorite thing about working at the Honest Kitchen has been getting to know our customers, building relationships with them and being a part of their’s and their pup’s life. I just wanted to say goodbye to you all and send out hugs to those of you who I have spoken to over the years and who have become my friends. I will miss you all dearly.

Thank you all for enriching my life and making my tenure with this very special and amazing company, even more special.

I will always be a part of the Honest Kitchen family!" - Jenna