November 4, 2009

See Spot Live Longer

by Steve Brown & Beth Taylor

Truly a book to help guide anyone in carving out a happier, healthier and longer life for their four-footed canine friends. Steve and Beth share stories of their own dogs passing away at young ages with cancer and other health issues. With a shared dignity and desire to understand what went wrong and what changes can be made, the authors teamed up and helped to feed over 25,000 dogs. Their intention is to feed millions more with this book.

The book is easily-readable, to the point, with no fluff. See Spot is broken up into Four Parts, with short chapters within each. The First part is like a reality TV show, only the dogs did not know they were being “recorded” for future application. Therein the accounts are from true histories. The statements made are backed either by documented studies or years of experience (Steve made large scale raw food for pets for years).

The Second part compares and contrasts canine ancestral diets with our modern practices. The authors do not claim that dogs need to return exactly to what their ancestors ate in the wild, simply that we could be doing much better in what we provide for them, including common sense.

This brings us to part Three where carcinogens and allergens in commercial dry dog foods are discussed at length. As a society, we have been bewildered and highly influenced by large pet food conglomerates, instead of applying rational thought and reasonable judgment. For example, we would not feed our children, or even ourselves the same diet of cereal for the entirety of our lives. So why do we expect our pets to thrive solely on cooked, dry, processed kibbles and presume their digestive, kidney and liver systems can properly function? We should be refuting the statements made by large pet food manufacturers with common sense. The Honest Kitchen blends provide a fresh, warm meal for our pawed friends, with ingredients that are 100% human-grade, not feed grade. We also recommend variety and switching between our dehydrated blends; providing a pool of amino acids and an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

Finally, part Four delves into “Improving the odds,” with easy suggestions and baby steps to obtaining a healthier diet and lifestyle for your companions!

We highly recommend this book to new pet owners, those feeding kibbles and/or a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. Most informational resources provide some pertinent information, typically scattered throughout the book. However, this book had us hooked as we found useful tips, jaw-dropping and interesting facts on every page.