August 4, 2011

Snoopy is my 14 yrs. old Cocker Spaniel. I adopted him in 2001 and he has been with me since then. I am in the military and every time I deployed Snoopy gained weight thanks to a bit overindulgent guardians. When he was younger it was a bit easier to help him loose the weight, but he never lost it all. As he got older it was more problematic for his to lose the weight. In 2008 I deployed again, and when I came back Snoopy had gained so much weight, he was like a completely different dog. He went from 27 lbs. to 48 pounds!

Ever since then I have tried everything but nothing got rid of the weight. To make things worse, he went into the vicious circle of gaining weight because can’t exercise, but couldn’t exercise because of the arthritis which was exacerbated by the overweight. About three months ago three months ago, a Paleo Diet Nutritionist called Nell Anderson wrote a blog post about overweight dogs, and after commenting on Snoopy’s issues, she mentioned to give The Honest Kitchen a try, so I did.

Snoopy has always had skin infections but around that time he developed the worse ever skin infection and the antibiotics were not helping. He was losing his hair, his skin was peeling and the poor thing was itchy all the time. So, this was a no brainer. I initially tried Zeal, and although both my dogs loved it, there is only one store in my town (Fayetteville, NC) that carries the food so their choices of flavors was limited. About 8 days after I started feeding them the food Snoopy’s allergies started clearing and he stopped itching. Same with my Wheaten Terrier who is allergic to certain foods.

I did an experiment and went back to the old “normal food” and Snoopy started getting itchy again. So I knew the food was a big problem. Anyhow, after Zeal, I went on Embark but because it has a higher caloric content, I switched to Verve and that is when I really started seeing the changes. Luckily the store in town now offers more selection so what I am doing is I switch between Zeal and Verve every other month to give them a different flavor. I also give them the Invigor, and mix it with their food.

As I mentioned, the last time I was at the vet, Snoopy had lost more weight. Since I started him on this food he has lost a total of 11 pounds! The vet was ecstatic because she knows how much I have been trying to get my little boy to lose the weight! Thanks again!