November 4, 2009

Hello there! My exotic shorthair cat, Booty, has had an array of illnesses such as bladder stones (which were surgically removed), cystitis, food allergies and recently, epilepsy. I had always thought that her localized seizures were nothing more than allergic reactions, that was until she had a full on generalized seizure. To make a long, long story short, she went through the gamut of medications such as valium (also for the cystitis) and phenobarbital but was not herself anymore. During the time she had “epilepsy” she was on a good quality, no grain kibble and soft food, even though I had at once had her on Prowl, and thought maybe, just maybe, she may be sensitive to certain foods. Well I ran with my gut and put her back on your food. I haven’t given her a phenobarb for over a week and she looks better than she ever has. Not to mention she doesn’t have seizures any more or side effects! And the best part is she LOVES your food! (I think LOVE may be an understatement!) She demands it! So kudos to you guys for making such a great food! We love you!

Lindsey, Booty, Valentino and Sherman