September 15, 2011

As some of you know, we recently took on a small amount of outside capital for The Honest Kitchen, in exchange for a small minority stake in our company. A minority stake means that we, as founders of the company, remain the majority owners and retain full control over all aspects of operations, production, recipes, ingredients sourcing, manufacturing and every other vital component of the organization.

Those of you closest to our company (including some of the wonderful holistic veterinarians and valued independent resellers who kindly spoke to our investors about The Honest Kitchen’s products, our integrity & reputation in the marketplace) will know that we undertook a rather painstaking search over more than eighteen months, not just for any old investor, or even for the best financial deal – but for partners who understand & embrace our values, principles and the passion behind our family’s brand. We are thrilled to have found two fantastic partners who are so well aligned with what we are striving to achieve – namely providing ethical, whole food nutrition that can make a genuine difference in the health of pets while remaining truly sustainable and true to our roots over the long term.

The first of our two new partners is White Road investments, set up by Gary Erikson, the founder of Clif Bar & Co – an organic human food brand we have loved and admired for many years. Gary’s book ‘Raising the Bar’ was given to me many years ago and I have delved into it for guidance and inspiration dozens of times as The Honest Kitchen has grown: It’s about the journey of creating a sustainable brand that remains true to its core values, supports its people and the local community – and doing well by doing good. Our other wonderful partner is Alliance Consumer Capital, who has investments in Plum Organics baby food and Babyganics natural cleaning products, among others.

These new partners bring resources in the form of organic ingredient suppliers, new sustainable packaging options, know-how in community sampling, and a passion for doing the right thing – like free range meats and non GMO produce, giving to charity, and looking after our employees. Our investors fully support The Honest Kitchen’s own vision, values and strategy.

The small amount of capital that we’ve raised from these two amazing partners will be used to create jobs in sales and marketing, as well as providing support for our resellers, creating a new website and the ability to finally explore new options for human grade, organic ingredients. It also means we can do things like upgrade to resealable inner plastic bags, without increasing prices.

As the founder and owner of The Honest Kitchen, I remain in charge as President and CEO. My recipes and the ingredients used in them have not and will not be changed by the investors (we’re swapping green beans out for pumpkin in Zeal, based on feedback from our customers – but that’s my call and no one else’s); our production methods and facility are the same and the principles that we’ve stuck to for the past 9 1/2 years when I first started this company in my own kitchen, remain at the forefront of everything we do.

I’m proud to have brought in funding from such incredible sources, and would like to offer my personal assurance that absolutely nothing at The Honest Kitchen is or has been compromised in any way (in fact, the exact opposite is true), by our taking on this small amount of funding. As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please email – we are here to help and remain as transparent as always in responding to what you have to say.

Lucy Postins