September 9, 2009

Recently, a batch of The Honest Kitchen’s all natural, fresh food was made using white potatoes in place of the recipe’s sweet potatoes – the first such formulation error in our company’s seven year history. Because of this mistake we will of course be unable to supply it to our customers. Rather than destroy the food, we will donate quantities to select Southern California shelters and animal rescue organizations helping to care for pets who have been displaced by the wildfires that have been blazing in the region.

We will cover the cost for all shipping associated with transporting the food from our manufacture facility to organizations that can use it. Any 401c(3) animal rescue organizations in regions affected by the wildfires interested in receiving the food are invited to contact The Honest Kitchen directly via email with their organization’s complete name, location, proof of charitable status and information on their work.

While we cannot guarantee that a donation can be made to every organization that inquires, every effort will be made to distribute the food to as wide a range of charities as possible. Please do not inquire about this donation if you are not affiliated with a 401c(3) animal shelter or rescue organization. Thanks for your understanding!