November 4, 2009

I would like to give The Honest Kitchen’s product Prowl a two paw salute (a double kitty high five!) compliment! My two cats Boomer and Rocky would most likely hi-jack the delivery truck if they knew it carried this yummy cat food. After trying many products that are highly rated for organics, low phosphates but higher quality of protein, Prowl is now helping me out with my one cat’s special needs due to kidney disease. As my cat’s disease has advanced I have had more and more of a difficult time with food allergies, sensitivities, digestion, and weight maintenance. There are differing opinions on what a cat could and could not be eating at this time. My own belief is that a cat still needs protein but just has a difficult time processing this. With Prowl my experience has been a good one in keeping the weight on my cat as well as stimulating his appetite! Plus, I can add all the great supplements, extra seared and chopped up beef as well as kidney support crushed pills in the Prowl and they are all gobbled up easily with meows for more! AND, the bonus has been that my other cat also loves the food and just cannot wait for it to re-hydrate. After catching him on top of the refrigerator gulping down the in- process hydrated food, I found it necessary to watch over or carry around the food for the 10-minute minimal re-hydration period. I now have to let it re-hydrate for 10 minutes sitting and closed in the off oven, away from craving kitty mouths. They watch the oven sort of like Kitty TV. My two cats and myself are delighted with Prowl. Thank you Honest Kitchen for helping both of my cats with your wonderful pure yummy organic food!

Paula, Rocky and Boomer
Paula Brown – Animal Communicator,
Author / Illustrator
Fur Shui, An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui